Telenor quiz on 28 August 2021 – Today Telenor Quiz answers

Today Telenor Quiz answers

You can find the answers to today’s Telenor quiz on 28 August 2021. I will share the answers to the My Telenor app quiz below in this post. I will provide you with the Correct Telenor Answers so you can win free Telenor Minutes.

 Here are Telenor answers by 28 August 2021. On this day, we’ll discuss Telenor answers by 28 August 2021. The Telenor questions will be answered today so we can test your Skills app. Keep reading to find out in more detail.

Telenor Quiz answer App:

Here is the link to download your My Telenor app Quiz answer, and get free MB. There is a link there that you can use to install it. With this app, you will get 500 MB of free internet the first time you install it. It lets you install both SIM packages as well as all the packages that have free internet.

Telenor Answers Today 28 August 2021

Telenor Answers 28 August 2021 is available on our website. We provide Telenor Quiz answers for today in our explanations. We believe that you will find Telenor Quiz answers to be very useful in answering questions. In addition to gaining information about the various countries, languages, sports, and science topics, these answers are also helpful. This quiz can help you learn more about the topic.

Telenor Answers Today

Here are the Telenor quiz today answers, with detailed explanations, to assist you with passing the test. I’m sharing with you all my Telenor App quiz answers that are 100% correct and practically applicable. We regularly update and publish these answers.

Telenor Test Your Skills 28 August 2021

Test Your Skills

This page consists of Telenor Answers for Test your skills Telenor Answers Today that can assist you in passing the quiz in My Telenor App. If you pass the quiz on the Telenor app, you’ll receive Free MBs. Your reward will be revoked if you answer incorrectly to any one question. Every day, at midnight, we update the questions for Test your skills. At that time, you need to visit our site since our site updates and publishes new correct answers immediately.

Telenor Quiz Answers 28 August 2021

Answers to Telenor’s Today Following you will find all Telenor Quiz Test Your Skills solutions for  28 August 2021. In Telenor App, they are 100% correct & applied practically.

Q.1 Pakistan shares Shortest border with___

  • China
  • India
  • None
  • Iran

Ans: China

Q.2 The Khewra salt mines were discovered by which emperor in 326 BC?

  • Porus
  • Darius
  • Alexander
  • None

Ans: Alexander

Q.3 Jaulian Buddhist monastery ruins are in which city?

  • Lahore
  • Quetta
  • Taxila
  • Peshawar

Ans: Taxila

Q.4 Manora Beach is in which city?

  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Taxila
  • Peshawar

Ans: Karachi

Q.5 Which of these is the largest offshore island of Pakistan?

  • Manora
  • Astola
  • Bhit
  • None

Ans: Astola


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